Semi Porcelain Floor Tiles - Beauty and Value for Busy Spaces

Looking for stylish and affordable floor tiles that can handle everyday life? Wingress Ceramica’s Semi Porcelain Floor Tiles are the perfect solution! Available in a range of popular sizes, these tiles offer a beautiful blend of functionality and design:

Versatility for Every Room:

300x300mm (12×12) & 400x400mm (16×16): Ideal for bathrooms, hallways, or smaller kitchens, these manageable sizes offer ease of installation and design flexibility.

600x600mm (24×24): A popular choice for a variety of rooms, this classic format provides excellent coverage and minimizes grout lines.

600x1200mm (24×48): Create a sense of spaciousness with these larger format tiles, perfect for opening up larger areas like living rooms or open floor plans.

Why Choose Wingress Ceramica Semi Porcelain Floor Tiles?

Stylish & Affordable: Enjoy the beauty of natural stone or wood grains at a fraction of the cost.

Durable Performance: Semi-porcelain offers a good balance between affordability and strength, making it ideal for everyday use in residential spaces.

Easy Maintenance: The smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains, scratches, and fading.

Water Resistant: Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and other moisture-prone areas.

Browse our collections of Wingress Ceramica Semi Porcelain Floor Tiles and discover a world of design possibilities at an exceptional value!