Safe and Stylish Steps with Stair Treads and Risers

Elevate your staircase from functional to fabulous with Wingress Ceramica’s exceptional Stair Treads and Risers! Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, these high-performance tiles ensure both safety and style:

Safety First: Our stair treads come with a slip-resistant surface, providing excellent traction for secure footing.

Perfect Fit: Choose from popular sizes like 300x900mm (12×35) and 300x1200mm (12×48) for a perfect match to your existing staircase.

We also offer larger format options like 200x1520mm (8×60) and 300x1520mm (12×60) for a more modern and expansive look in grand staircases.

Why Choose Wingress Ceramica Stair Treads and Risers?

Unmatched Durability: Engineered to withstand high foot traffic and heavy objects, these tiles are perfect for busy households.

Effortless Maintenance: The easy-to-clean surface resists stains, scratches, and fading, making them low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Endless Design Possibilities: From timeless classics to modern patterns, our vast selection of colors, textures, and finishes allows you to create a staircase that complements your overall design style.

Water Resistant: Ideal for high-moisture areas like basements or entryways.

Wingress Ceramica Stair Treads and Risers are the perfect choice to:

Transform your staircase into a stunning focal point in your home.
Ensure the safety of your family and guests with slip-resistant treads.
Create a cohesive design flow throughout your entire home.
Browse our collections of Wingress Ceramica Stair Treads and Risers and discover the perfect fit for your staircase today!